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Spain Iberico Black Pork Collar Steak Cut (300G)
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Spain Iberico Black Pork Collar Steak Cut (300g)

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Spain Iberico Black Pork Collar Steak Cut (300G)

Weight: 300G


Well marbled and very flavorful meat that you will surely enjoy.


Iberico meat is distinctly different than regular pig meat.

The meat is red to bright red compared to regular pig meat which is white because of its mostly acorns diet and its genetics, Iberian pigs are able to infiltrate a lot of fat into their muscles, resulting in a more flavorful pork.

On top of being high in fat, a large amount of it is unsaturated oleic fat, the same fat found in olive oil, that is said to reduce cholesterol, and is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.

When you eat Iberico pork, the marbling of fat in it makes it super tasty and delicious.

The meat is more flavorful, more juicy, and very distinctive. it is thinly sliced and packed 300g in tray.

Convenient use, easy tear and place on the table straight for hotpot, Grilling, BBQ or quick stir fry.