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Meat Products (43)

Chilled Australia Grassfed Ribeye (250g)


Smoked Duck Breast Original Flavour (180g-220g)


Chilled Australia Grassfed Striploin (250g)


Spain Iberico Black Pork Collar Steak Cut (300g)

$12.60 $14.00

Chilled Australia Wagyu Ribeye Marbling 4/5 (250g)


Boneless Chicken Leg 200gm up (6-7pcs 2kg)


Japanese A5 Wagyu Rib Cap Yakiniku (150g)

$25.00 $27.90

Pre-Sliced Foie Gras 50g/pcs (200gm)

$28.60 $31.80

Mexico Pork Jowl (Cheek) 500g