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[BUNDLE OF x2] Fresh Salmon Sashimi (200g - 250g)

$42.80 $56.00

Fresh Salmon Sashimi (220g - 250g)

$21.80 $28.00

Muaria Otah Pocket Bun (6pcs) 270g


Frozen Flower Clams/Flower Lala 花啦啦 (500g)


FreezePak Chicken Nuggets (1kg)

$7.90 $8.50

Chilled Australia Grassfed Ribeye (250g)


Smoked Duck Breast Original Flavour (180g-220g)


Ready To Eat Ah Sheng Lok Lok Clams Soup (500g) 阿胜乐乐 上汤啦啦


Japanese Sashimi Whole Shell Oyster