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Steamboat Essentials (17)

Frozen Fish Ball with Roe (500g)


Figo Cheese Seafood Tofu (500g)

$5.20 $5.90

Japanese A5 Wagyu Rib Cap Shabu Shabu (150g)

$25.00 $27.90

UF Sliced Pork Belly Sukiyaki Frozen (400g)

$7.90 $8.90

Kanimi Chunk (Imitation Crab Meat Stick 180g)


Spain Chestnut Pork Collar Shabu Shabu (200g)


Spain Chestnut Pork Belly Shabu Shabu (200g)


Everbest Soya Ring Roll 玲玲卷 (168g)


Imitation Abalone Slice (Taiwan) 仿鲍片 台湾制 (300g)

$4.90 $5.50