📣Next day delivery between 1-7pm order placed before 3pm. ⚠️SFA has released the ban on bird due to the bird flu in Europe. Our foie gras and duck confit will be out of stock during this period should be at least till August 2022⚠️
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[Pencai need 7 days in advance for pre-order]

🧨Last call order on 28th Jan 9pm, delivery date 29th Jan between 1-7pm.

🧧🧨CNY pencai/steamboat items 🧧🧨 (29)

Shrimp Paste Slide 虾滑 (150g)


Frozen Fish Ball with Roe (500g)


Imitation Abalone Slice (Taiwan) 仿鲍片 台湾制 (300g)


Figo Cheese Seafood Tofu (500g)


Pork Spareribs Cut (450g+-)


Spain Chestnut Pork Belly Shabu Shabu (200g)


Japanese Scallop 1kg


Everbest Soya Ring Roll 玲玲卷 (168g)


Japanese A5 Wagyu Rib Cap Shabu Shabu (150g)

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