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🧧🧨CNY pencai/steamboat items 🧧🧨 (29)

Shrimp Paste Slide 虾滑 (150g)


Frozen Fish Ball with Roe (500g)


Imitation Abalone Slice (Taiwan) 仿鲍片 台湾制 (300g)

$4.90 $5.50

Figo Cheese Seafood Tofu (500g)

$5.20 $5.90

Pork Spare ribs Cut (500g+-)


Spain Chestnut Pork Belly Shabu Shabu (200g)


Japanese Scallop 1kg


Everbest Soya Ring Roll 玲玲卷 (168g)


Thai Fish Cake (500g)

$4.50 $5.00